99.9% UPTIME

"Our servers are online 99.9% of the time. The other 0.1%, we are optimizing our servers to enhance our players experience here at RoamCraft."

Amazing staff

"Not only is our staff laid back and chill, but they are also very mature, and they will take proper action if needed."


"We run on the best technology available to make sure none of our users experience connection lag."

What our network includes


The lobby server is the bridge that connects all the fantastic servers RoamCraft is currently operating. Visit it at time from any of our servers with /hub. Once in the lobby you may quickly hop onto other servers with the server navigation compass or explore the amazing build with the teleporter bow!


Join our most popular server, Prison, and work your way to freedom with our custom rankup system. Run through our PvP oriented spawn, search for the many hidden secrets and set up a shop to take over the economy at your 16x16 plot!


Our unique, custom coded KitPvP server brings back a classic gametype with a bunch of new features! Keep track of your stats with the custom scoreboard, place a bounty on your friends, or enemies, and get back into battle quickly with our auto-equipping kits when you drop down.


Transform your plot into a work of art with all of the blocks mindcraft has to offer! Build with your friends in the creative gamemode and test out your creations in survival! The possibilities are endless on this exciting creative server.


Create your own faction or join your friends. Find, raid and destroy all others. Take over the world on this exciting factions server.

Community headlines!

1. SharpkillerGamer is back making another series!